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The partners and associates of the Law Firm deal with (both in and out of court) civil law, commercial law, administrative law, criminal law, labour law, tax and customs law, and provide high standards of assistance in the different cases.

Every one of the Firm’s activities has been developed and is carried out  within theSYSTEM OF MANAGEMENT which supervises the QUALITY OF SERVICE; the system is checked by a third, independent authority, which establishes and certifies the conformity to the rule UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, and is regularly  verifying its constant application and effectiveness.

With the “management for quality” all organizational and operational aspects which can influence the conformity of the services provided to the client are defined, formalized and verified on the basis of specific rules the entire Firm is committed to follow.

The System for Quality Management project has been carried out in the following phases:

  • The detection and analysis of PROCEDURES and the optimization of the ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE;
  • The establishment of WORK TEAMS with background training, raising of awareness and motivation of its members;
  • The drafting of the QUALITY MANUAL, of the PROCEDURES and, when needed, of OPERATIONAL INSTRUCTIONS;
  • The training and involvement of all those in charge of the implementation and upkeep of the system;
  • The definition of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT PLANS in procedures and services;
  • The presentation of the System for Quality Management  to the CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY for the verification of conformity in order to obtain the relevant certification.

By defining the QUALITY POLICIES, the Firm notifies its commitments (both internally and externally of its organizational structure) as well as the framework in which the OBJECTIVES FOR IMPROVEMENT develop (see below).



Annex 5 of the Manual of Quality

The Law Firm operates in the fields of civil law, commercial law, administrative law, criminal law, labour law, tax and customs law (both in and out of court) ; to consolidate the trusting relationship with its clients, the board of the firm intends to guarantee a service that is increasingly careful and responsive of their demands. In the legal profession all of the above can be carried out by guaranteeing a “standard of quality” based on both the competence and professionalism of those in charge (always in accordance with the code of ethics) and on the application of a specifically defined and controlled operational mode.

For the abovementioned demands, the board intends to continue in the optimisation of the organisational and operational aspects of the Law Firm, defining and applying the Quality Management System, from which:

  • to verify periodically its effectiveness and its congruity with the general strategy orientation
  • to obtain and maintain the certification of conformity to the rule UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 by a third independent authority accredited by ACCREDIA.

By determining the strategic orientation mentioned below, the board will define the objectives in order to  continuously improvement the procedures and services provided by the firm.

  • To realise and maintain a high level of client satisfaction, through a prior analysis of the client’s expectations, the respect of the defined requirements, the timeliness, transparency and constancy in the communication concerning the development and the handling of each individual case.
  • To constantly monitor the professional level of its internal resources, and to favour their growth through appropriate update courses
  • To consolidate and share with all associates the environmental and social commitment that the Firm intends to carry out with a effective ethical behaviour
  • To activate adequate control measures which, by regularly supplying the data on the economic and financial management of the firm, will support the board in an objective evaluation of the most appropriate operational modes and lines of development, for both the firm and its clients.

The board will regularly verify the congruency between the abovementioned orientation and the position of the Firm on the market.

For the implementation of this Quality Policy, the board nominated its own representative named QMC – Quality Management Controller, and who acts in name and on behalf of the board in:

  • Defining, realising, applying and updating the Quality Management System, in accordance to the Firm’s needs and norms of reference.
  • Ensuring that the Quality Management System is constantly applied and that its effectiveness is regularly verified, even through internal auditing
  • Promoting a general awareness and knowledge of the Firm’s quality aims
  • Regularly providing the board with the relevant information in order to:
    • Evaluate (on annual re-examination basis) the effectiveness of the system
    • Define the potential improvement programs

Everyone in the Firm is expected to commit in the:

  • Constant abidance to the Quality Management System, with the verification of the respect of the requirements and recommendations it specifies
  • The regular carrying out of its prescriptions and of the defined objectives for improvement
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